Vinder du på vores lykkehjul, kan du maks indløse 1 præmie pr. kunde. 
Ordren skal placeres med den e-mail der er brugt til at deltage i konkurrencen, ellers bliver ordren annulleret.
- Har du IKKE handlet under Black Week med samme e-mail bliver din ordre annulleret. 

- Ordren SKAL også sendes til samme adresse, ellers bliver din ordre annulleret.

Vind en valgfri kjole:
- Gælder kun kjoler fra Pitaya. 
- Kan afhentes gratis i butik.

Vind en valgfri:

Vinder du men ikke har adgang til den mail du har indtastet er din præmie ikke gyldig.

Præmier kan ikke ombyttes til kontanter.

Pitaya kan til enhver tid annullere en ordre, hvis der er mistanke om snyd.

Deltager du i vores lykkehjul, giver du samtidig samtykke til at modtage vores nyhedsbrev (maks 1-2 gange ugentligt).
Du kan til enhver tid tilbagekalde dit samtykke.


Now there I was, 17 years old with a real business... Where did that come from? I started sending 5-10 packages daily and got my first small warehouse and office where I could send packages from. I still remember it as one of the best times - where I also hired my first employee to help pack and answer customer service inquiries while I was at school every day.


During 2021, I moved my company to larger warehouse premises and got an even bigger warehouse, as well as a bigger office. My small business was growing steadily, had my dream really come true? In 2021 I became a student, my plans for the future were different from my circle of friends - I had to build on my entrepreneurial adventure. The dream of combining my webshop and physical store continued to live.
We had 7 employees and sent over 35,000 pieces of clothing.


The whole year started as a 'bumpy ride', the dark sides of being independent showed themselves in earnest. For the first time, I doubted myself, my business and my entire future. Was it really the right path I had chosen?

I had to learn things the hard way... Now I was at a crossroads and it was all or nothing. Now I had to believe in myself - and believe in my project.

On 2 September I opened my first store at Badstuegade 14, 8000 Århus C, a decision I have NOT regretted for a second.


The dream of combining my clothing adventure with jewelry and accessories became a reality and that was the start of Ida M Studios, which opened on 1 March 2023.